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Optum Value Chain

A good product based on excellent chemistry takes you only so far in achieving successful, long-term application of DRA technology. Field engineering, dependable equipment and reliable, ongoing service are the remaining keys. Optum Energy’s approach to a project extends beyond providing an effective product and carries over into the complete value chain of service. Optum makes a daily commitment to supply quality and consistent products with full field support services including superior hydraulic analysis. Throughout a project’s lifecycle, Optum is dedicated to continuous support and optimal performance.

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  1. Technology:  With innovation as the foundation of the value chain, Optum’s R&D efforts are guided by the anticipation of future needs and use our decades of experience in applying DRA to resolve capacity challenges and meet customers’ needs.  Our approach with catalysts, polymerization and product formulation drives a collaborative effort between our product development chemists and manufacturing engineers to design production processes that yield a higher performing, more consistent DRA that is easier to work with.  The product delivered lowers the cost of operation and increases efficiencies.
  2. Manufacturing:  Having a superior formula for DRA is just the beginning. To produce a high performing product consistently takes proper manufacturing techniques and a well-managed operation supported by quality processes and controls.  Wherever manufacturing is repetitious, Optum uses widespread automation and controls to improve production processes and safety while producing a high-quality DRA consistently and in any quantity. Optum’s leadership has carefully invested major resources in best available technology to better and more efficiently react monomers and blend the polymer into a premium product for sale. Our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques ensure product performance consistency.
  3. Ready Supply: Manufacturers of DRA must contend with the fact that DRA can’t be made from one day to the next.  Polymerization to the delivery of a high-quality DRA takes time.  Optum’s lean approach to inventory management allows the maintenance of a cost-efficient level of inventory in strategic locations so that each customer can count on uninterruptable supply.  Optum’s world-class plant is capable of supplying millions of gallons of production and is readily expandable for secure supplies for years to come.
  4. Delivery: Optum’s objective is to make logistics hassle free and trackable to even the most remote geographical locations and in the most inclement conditions. Our logistics use internet and cloud technology to give customers convenience and comfort managing their stock needs.  Based on injection rate, Optum will manage  onsite stock, real time dispatch and delivery tracking. Optum’s onsite tanks and delivery tankers are equipped with temperature controls as well as air mixing capabilities to deliver injection-ready product every time.  We have the capacity to ship DRA product from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to anywhere in the world with timely and efficient logistics.
  5. Injection Equipment: The injection system is the last point at which we control the product, and it is where our partnership with our customers is most critical.  Optum’s decades of field experience has led to the conclusion that all injection equipment should be customized to each site.  Along with planning the logistics and optimization strategy, we work with the customer on the solution most appropriate for each site.  We offer an a la carte assortment of options from manual air-frame to completely enclosed climate controlled possibilities.  Our team of engineers will work with every client to analyze their pipeline system and provide solutions for optimal DRA usage.
  6. Optimization: This is the point where the customer derives all the value from our supply chain. As with the injection equipment, Optum offers engineering to find the most optimal solutions.  We offer several senior hydraulics engineers using cutting-edge software to bring together world-class analytical support. In hydraulics, Optum is second to no one in the industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected by embracing change and seeking further creative solutions to optimizing pipeline flow rates.

Optum has assembled a high caliber team of experts with close to a century of combined leadership experience and specialized knowledge in the global drag reduction industry. Whether it’s creative pipeline modeling, dependable logistics or dedicated field service, together, the team fosters a working ethos that values customers’ success and strong, long-term partnerships.

Optum can be relied upon to deliver innovative optimization solutions to the global pipeline industry safely, consistently and creatively.

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Optum’s field applications engineering department is anchored by more than four decades of hydraulics engineering experience.

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Optum is equipped to meet the needs of the growing number of pipelines in the liquid rich basins across the United States.

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