The Optum Difference – Unique Reliability

Members of the Optum team were active in the industry when DRA technology was first introduced and know the importance of technical depth in research and development and applications engineering. That experience and knowledge are now reflected in our leadership team’s double mandate.

First, to point us in the direction of groundbreaking DRA polymer chemistry, and second, to continuously seek new engineering minds that will grow the innovative culture in polymer manufacturing.

Housed in our state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility, this team is turning ideas and theory into real-world applications. 

Here’s how we do it:

1 – Consistency  2 – Availability  3 – Timeliness


With cutting-edge manufacturing technology at our disposal, our production engineers carry out a pre-reaction process, a polymerization reaction and a post-reaction process exactly the same way each and every time.  Only with this state-of-the-art automation can product consistency be achieved.


One of the main goals in the formation of Optum is to remedy supply disruptions. The last oil boom proved that the availability of quality DRA was insufficient to meet world demand. Our plant is spacious enough to allow even further expansion necessary in the coming decades. 


Beyond a dependable supply, Optum has made timely and efficient logistics a priority.  Our products are available and delivered per the expectations of our clients, avoiding any loss due to downtime onsite.  Optum Energy Solutions is committed to creating and maintaining a logistics department with the technological tools and equipment to eliminate the anxiety and hassle associated with product delivery.  Once in our system, deliveries will be trackable with the simplicity and convenience of a handheld app. Optum offers hassle-free maintenance of on hand supply and customized services better-suited for specific locations.   

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Optum provides industry-leading technology designed for broad spectrum applications in crude oil pipelines.

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Optum provides superior, cost-effective drag reducer technology and services to the global pipeline industry with enhanced service, consistency and innovation.

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