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Flow Optimizer™

Our history begins with the introduction of a water-based DRA technology, designed for broad spectrum applications in crude oil pipelines. Field testing has proven Flow Optimizer’s superior performance in light and medium gravity crude oils.  Our manufacturing process is currently configured to produce significant commercial quantities of Flow Optimizer in three formulations:

  • Flow Optimizer for temperate climate
  • Flow Optimizer Sub-F for winter applications
  • Flow Optimizer Polar for environments continuously below freezing

Each version of Flow Optimizer™ defines today’s technological innovation in the industry. Optum brings to the industry original manufacturing and process engineering techniques that are maximizing polymer performance and product stability. Our proprietary process for producing the slurry includes cutting-edge methods for controlling polymerization and blending strategies resulting in a suspension that is easy to maintain and re-suspend with mild agitation.

Optum’s commitment to continuous improvement starts with investing heavily in research & development.  Our team looks for innovative solutions to optimize their portion of our value chain using the best available technology.  These efforts lead to achieving the highest value package for our customers.

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Optum’s field applications engineering department is anchored by more than four decades of hydraulics engineering experience.

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