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Optum offers customized injection solutions tailored to your pipeline system hardware and software, and additionally, our DRA slurries are designed to be injected with any of the standard equipment found on the market today.

In the 21st century, injection equipment must perform many functions, and because of its critical purpose we believe the best approach is to make this link in the value chain a collaborative effort with our customers.  Our applications engineering department will provide the support needed to implement the most effective and efficient equipment option.  Selections available through Optum range from low to high technology; mobile or permanent options; and readily customizable equipment to the communications requirements of each customer.

Through interfacing with our customers, we make the best suited selection to each individual site. The ideal equipment is designed to deliver consistent, reliable product from storage to the pipeline.

Multi-station delivery available


Optum’s approach to a project extends beyond providing an effective product and carries over into the complete value chain of service.

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Optum’s field applications engineering department is anchored by more than four decades of hydraulics engineering experience.

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