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A good product based on excellent chemistry takes you only so far in achieving successful, long-term application of DRA technology. Field engineering, dependable equipment and reliable, ongoing service are the remaining keys. READ MORE

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Our history begins with the introduction of a water-based DRA technology, designed for broad spectrum applications in crude oil pipelines. Field testing has proven Flow Optimizer’s superior performance in light and medium gravity crude oils. READ MORE

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Our applications engineers use the same collaborative criteria in the selection of injection equipment. Through interfacing with our customers, we make the best suited selection to each individual site. LEARN MORE

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Members of the Optum team were active in the industry when DRA technology was first introduced and know the importance of technical depth in research and development and applications engineering. That experience and knowledge are now reflected in our leadership team’s double mandate. READ MORE

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Value delivery happens in the field, which is why our field applications engineering department is anchored by more than four decades of hydraulics engineering experience. Although many customers today have significant expertise in DRA application, our exposure to diverse applications and circumstances provides additional benefit to each of our customers, especially with complex pipeline networks. READ MORE


Optum provides superior, cost-effective drag reducer technology and services to the global pipeline industry with enhanced service, consistency and innovation.

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Optum Energy Solutions is headquartered in Houston's energy hub.

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