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DRA Insights

History >>

The origin of drag reducing agents (DRA) dates back to the 1930s in the pulp and paper industry, but it is B.A. Toms who piqued interest with the article “Some observations on the flow of linear polymer solutions through straight tubes at large Reynolds numbers,” found in Proceedings of the First International Congress on Rheology, vol. 2, pp. 135–141, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1948. As a result, the phenomenon of drag reduction is also known as the Toms Effect. READ MORE

How It Works >>

What is drag reduction? Drag reduction is defined as the increase in pumpability of a fluid caused by the addition of small amounts of an additive to the flowing stream. The effectiveness of a drag reducer is normally expressed in terms of percent drag reduction (%DR). READ MORE

DRA Application Request >>

Receive a hydraulic analysis from the specialists at Optum. Several optional information blanks have been provided to allow us to meet specific project needs. TRY IT TODAY

Optum is equipped to meet the needs of the growing number of pipelines in the liquid rich basins across the United States.

Case Studies


A part of the drag reducer industry since the beginning, the team at Optum Energy Solutions was actively involved in the first commercial use of DRA for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, running from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, Alaska.

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