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“Safety – No Compromise”

Optum strives to exceed expectations in all we do - from our products to our service offerings; all while maintaining a superior safety record.

As our corporate core values say, Optum Energy Solutions lives each day by its QHSE commitment, “Safety – NO Compromise.” We value our employees, clients and partners and empower all with stop-work authority to ensure safety is a priority in all we do – not just as set of procedures to be checked off.

Optum is proud of our different approach as a DRA provider and partner. We are not just a service provider but are committed to being a leader in safety efforts.

Our leadership commitment includes being good stewards as well, in environmental, safety and community concerns. Optum ensures we are doing our part to provide a healthy work environment while protecting our natural resources, day in and day out. The policies and procedures followed at our manufacturing facility and at each job location support  this commitment to serve our employees, the environment and the communities where we work.


Optum is equipped to meet the needs of the growing number of pipelines in the liquid rich basins across the United States.

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Optum provides industry-leading technology designed for broad spectrum applications in crude oil pipelines.

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