Are Optum’s DRA product(s) a slurry?

Yes, Optum's DRA crude product, Flow Optimizer™, is a milky white slurry with a high molecular weight polymer using water as its carrier. Optum also provides Flow Optimizer products blended for winter conditions, as well as arctic temperatures found in northernmost countries. 

Is Flow Optimizer classified as a flammable or hazardous material?

No, Flow Optimizer is not flammable and it is non-hazardous. For specific handling instructions, please see the Flow Optimizer Product Data Sheet.

What is the shelf life of Flow Optimizer?

The shelf life of Flow Optimizer DRA is indefinite with proper storage. In the field, Optum recommends the use of standard climate controlled injection units to protect against severe ambient temperatures (≤32°F or >100°F). Injection units are equipped with automated recirculation and air mixing features to keep DRA product homogeneous.

How long has Optum Energy Solutions been in business?

While planning started more than three years ago, Optum was legally formed in September 2015 by a team of industry leading chemists and engineers with nearly 100 years of combined DRA industry experience. The company was formed to bring superior value to customers through advanced technology and dedicated customer service.

Does Optum manufacture its own product?

Optum currently manufactures and distributes drag reducing additive from its grassroots plant in Oklahoma, USA. As a drag reducer supplier, the company uses its own proprietary chemistry – along with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology– to produce a consistent and superior performing product. A great deal of thought and planning went into our next-generation manufacturing facility and processes to ensure a reliable supply for our customers.

Where is Optum’s corporate headquarters?

Optum's sales and commercial headquarters is based in downtown Houston, Texas, USA, at 1000 Louisiana Street, Suite 3850, TX 77002.

How do I contact Optum?

Optum can be reached by calling or texting 713-927-1840 for immediate service or by emailing us. Additionally, we encourage feedback on our performance to ensure we are meeting our goal of superior customer service. Please use our product and service feedback form to let us know how we are doing.

What is Optum’s overall capacity?

Optum produces product from its world-class manufacturing plant with the capability to produce and supply several millions of gallons of DRA annually.  While the exact nameplate capacity of the facility is proprietary, Optum is capable of guaranteeing product availability for significant quantities of DRA and supplying major DRA users anywhere in the world.

What is different about Optum?

Optum is different in many ways, but most importantly our people recognize that the safe and reliable transportation of products is the backbone of pipeline operations. Optum views the relationships with its customers as a true partnership held together by a value chain from R&D through to post sale support. Optum’s employees are dedicated to quality at each stage of our turnkey service, earning our customers’ trust and respect.  This approach makes doing business with Optum easy and produces satisfied customers.  Our company’s core values echo this dedication: Safety, Partnership, Reliability, Integrity and Innovation.

Does Optum provide a turnkey solution?

From start to finish, Optum delivers unsurpassed value and service throughout the DRA supply chain. Beginning with superior chemistry and quality manufacturing and ending with dependable delivery and reliable injection systems, customers receive increased pipeline capacity and profitability from a reliable supplier.

Does Optum offer pipeline hydraulic simulation?

Optum will analyze and model a pipeline’s performance with DRA under different operating scenarios. Whether it’s batching various slates of oil, bypassing pump stations or minimizing power consumption, Optum is ready to assist in optimizing your operations.

Will Optum customize a product for a unique application?

Optum’s manufacturing facility is designed to permit special products to be tailored to meet unique or demanding conditions.  We will partner with you to identify operator objectives and ensure feasibility.

Is it possible to make “a la carte” purchases?

In partnering with our clients, Optum offers a range of options outfitted to a customer’s needs or wishes. Optum prides itself on its ability to give the customer what they want, and we believe this is what sets us apart from other DRA suppliers.

Can Flow Optimizer be injected using our own injection equipment?

Many companies have made a major investment in their own fleet of injection equipment. Flow Optimizer is formulated to be easily handled and injected using Optum’s or any of the major DRA skid suppliers’ equipment. Flow Optimizer has been successfully injected using injection skids already on site or supplied by a third party.  An Optum representative can advise on your specific system.  Again, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to best meet our customers’ equipment needs.

Does Optum provide field service and support?

Optum provides field service and support as needed for system analysis, field trials, site setup, commissioning, and handling and storage. Expert advice is always available over the phone by calling or texting 713-927-1840 or by emailing info@optumenergy.com.  If desired, affordable preventative maintenance plans for injection equipment can be arranged.

Is Optum capable of shipping product 24/7?

Yes, Optum stocks enough inventory to ship product anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Optum maintains a fleet of trucks, delivery trailers and certified drivers able to respond immediately should an urgent situation arise.

What is Optum’s vision for the future?

Optum’s vision is to be the leading supplier of flow improvement solutions to the global pipeline industry through a commitment to innovation, client relationships and superior performance.   We will accomplish this with proven, experienced leadership; a collaborative environment nurturing uniquely creative solutions; an unwavering commitment to reliability and performance; and leading edge products and technology.


A part of the drag reducer industry since the beginning, the team at Optum Energy Solutions was actively involved in the first commercial use of DRA for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, running from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, Alaska.

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Optum is equipped to meet the needs of the growing number of pipelines in the liquid rich basins across the United States.

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