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With decades of experience in the global flow improver industry, Optum Energy Solutions delivers the most reliable pipeline drag reduction solutions to ensure maximum efficiency.  Using the most advanced technology for engineering, manufacturing and delivering DRA, Optum offers consistent quality, user-friendly logistics, and proprietary industry-leading drag reducers.

Our scientists, engineers and customer service personnel know that a superior drag reducer is not enough, that’s why Optum employs best available technology to every step of the DRA value chain. We continually scrutinize each step to ensure our team gets it right: technology, manufacturing, supply, delivery, injection and optimization. Our commitment is to ensure our customers meet their goals.

“All we want is to get our oil from one end of the pipe to the other fast and without hassles, as economically as possible.” 

- Pipeline operator, West Texas

Our leadership understands what customers want because they have been listening for decades. Optum provides a new approach to solving recurring problems beyond superior drag reduction performance.  We offer solutions customized to your location, capacity needs and automation capabilities. By employing cutting-edge technology, we lower costs and share the savings:

>>> Automated production processes ensure consistency

>>> Communications technology gives comfort and ease

>>> GPS and digital communications provide reliable logistics tracking

>>> Cloud tools enhance supply control and invoicing

>>> Leading pipeline simulation software ensures the most economical DRA solution

Optum Solutions


Optum is equipped to meet the needs of the growing number of pipelines in the liquid rich basins across the United States.

Case Studies


Our team can assist with domestic pipeline optimization goals as well as service global operations through our numerous distributors.